The Documentation Center "" in English

The domain address "" (English: "unearth the facts" or "bringing to light") also symbolizes the idea of this virtual Documentation Center:

  • Important investigations (many of which also received awards), reportages, stories and topics are presented
  • How the stories and the topics continued? What was their impact? What did they change? The story behind the story is also being told.
  • It is shown the particular importance of so-called whistleblowers and informers. Whistleblowers draw the attention of the public and the media e.g. on risks or dangers.

We start this section with 2 reports:

Online am: 01.01.2016 | Aktualisiert am: 02.01.2016

How Greenpeace successfully fought against toxic waste exports

How to bring a sensible problem into the public? And how to discover the hidden business of the toxic waste mafia? And how to re-import 2.000 tons of obsolete pesticides back to the origin? Greenpeace had sufficient ideas. And did so.